Dronningruta Boat Transport - Stø Safari

Address: Stø, 8438 Øksnes Show map

Address: Stø, 8438 Øksnes

Transportation Nyksund - Stø, Stø - Nyksund.
On request we can accomodate transportation between Nyksund and Stø, or vice verca, or other locations in the vincinity. Maybe you have been walking the famous Dronningruten, and wishes to og back an easier way. We have floatingsuits for the passengers.

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  • Phone number (booking)
    +47 468 603 35
  • Phone number
    +47 468 603 35
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    100 NOK per person with a minium charge of 500 NOK from Nyksund to Stø or the other way around. Contact us for information about prices fro other distances.

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