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Address: Stø, 8438 Øksnes Show map

Address: Stø, 8438 Øksnes

We take you out deepsea fishing accompanied by our boat drivers. Our boat drivers are current or previous fisher men from the area local to the fishing grounds outside Stø. Here outside Stø you are garantied to get fish on this 3 hour long fishingtrip.

They inhabit unique knowledge about the different fish species in the area, and they will adapt the trips to the season. Cod, coalfish and haddock are among the species you can get on the hook but others are also possible. We have floatingsuits for the passengers.
Special fishing trips for halibut can also be arranged and there is a good chance for catching really large halibuts. Due to the currents in the area we recommend only 3 people to fish at the same time. Any more and the lines will get tangled in eachother.
We have fishing-gear for rent.

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