Andøya Space Centre – Spaceship Aurora

Address: Oksenbåsen, 8480 Andøy Show map

Address: Oksenbåsen, 8480 Andøy

At Spaceship Aurora you will get a virtual trip into space. Here you will visit the Northern Lights, and will see their origin and effect on our planet, both naturally and culturally. You will take part in experiments, launch probes and see how the day to day life is like at a Space Center. The Spaceship can be tailored especially different group sizes.

The Mission
At the Spaceship you will take part in a mission to investigate the Northern Lights. Together with your team-members you will have to work together to solve the scientific and technological problems that face real scientists and technicians, before it is too late.

A real Space center
The Spaceship is located at the Andøya Rocket Range (ARR). From here sounding rockets are launched into space, and unmanned aircraft are dispatched to investigate and survey land and sea. The Space Center also sends up balloons, from small weather balloons to enormous circumpolar research balloons. It also operates the cutting-edge ALOMAR observatory located at the top of the nearby mountain – Ramnan, 380 m above sea level, which provides a stunning view of northern Andøya and the neighboring Islands.

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