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Skata is a chieftain among the Vesterålen mountains; with its three-edged formation, it has an identical appearance from all sides. It takes one long day to climb 736-metre-tall Skata, but you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of the mountains and fjords of Vesterålen.

Start from the car park sign on Rv 82 south of Rishøgda. Park your car at the gate and follow the trail up through Risdalen to the right of Risvatnet and further on to the summit of Risskaret. Continue westward up the incline to Lemtinden and Vesterliskaret. Then head south to a height of 451 m and along the ridge to the top of Skata.
Follow the same route back, or you can go south along the ridge to Forsvasstinden. From there down to the ridge toward the southeast and then southward out to the uplands east of Fors Lake. Further south, follow the ridge east of Forsvassbeken to a height of 226 m and then eastward via Sydalen and back to Rise.

Alternative route via
From the car park, follow the good trail to the left and eventually the tractor road to the right on the southern side of Rishatten up towards Gluntvatnet, which you will pass on your right side. Check your compass at height 380 northeast of the lake, and then proceed to height 451. Follow the good trail along the ridge and up to the summit. Return the same way.
Length: Skata via Gluntvatnet is approx. 10 km; via Lemtinden approx. 12 km.
Time: 4-8 hours, depending on your choice of route and hiking tempo
Not marked, good trail

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