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Starting from the ski cabin at Øyjorda near Straume, your trip can run across Rundtuva and Øyjordheia to Veggfjellet and Skredtinden (442 mas). The return trip runs along the ridge towards the southwest, via Hundsdalen and Nilsåsen and back to your starting point. There is a view of most of the Bø settlements and also of large areas of the Vesterålen islands.

Bø municipality has been active in the project Ringelihorn and has signposted and marked several attractive routes in the municipality. The trips include Gaukværøy, Litløy, the birdwa-tching trail at Straume, Sinahula and the route from Ringstad to Klakksjord – all well worth a visit. See further info on Bø municipality’s home page.
Not marked, but good trail.

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