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Snykolla: (763 mas) is Langøya’s tallest mountain, but it is accessible for trekkers wanting a challenge.

From the car park at the old gravel road on the fjord side of the main road, you continue about 50 metres along the national road towards Steinland. Proceed east up through a small hollow towards the closest ridge of Snykolla. Follow the ridge to the summit; use the same route to come back down.
Note: Before you reach the main ridge, there are a few areas with steep inclines. You won’t need mountain-climbing gear, but good footwear is a must.
If you want to make a longer round-trip out of your day, we recommend doing the descent in the southerly direction towards Åsen at the bottom of the fjord. From the summit, you follow the steep, grassy slope directly east of the summit. At the lower edge of the slope you will encounter a challenging area with large stone boulders and rocky surface. Continue along, passing
between some small lakes, in a southerly direction. Follow the «gully» down to the village. From Åsen, you then follow the main road back to your starting point, about 4 km. A moderately challenging trip to the summit.
Small cains mark the trails from the treeline to the top. Level of difficulty: medium.

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