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Rising 705 mas, Kvasstinden is the highest point on Andøya. The summit can be reached from several sides; we recommend a simple route from Norddalen on the outer side of Andøya.

From the main road at the entrance to Norddalen, set your course towards the south-southeast heading towards Bulltinden. This is a fast and dry route in elevated terrain. From Bulltinden, you follow the ridge in a southeasterly direction in good, easy terrain up to the summit.
An alternative route is to follow the trail a distance

into Norddalen and then shift course southward towards the ridge of Kvasstinden. From here, you follow the ridge directly to the top. This is a more gradual route with a softer hiking surface – a good alternative for people with weak knees.
From the summit there is a good view out towards Øks-nes and most of Andøya.
There is no marked trail, but the trail is good.

OBS/NOTE: The three kilometres long stretch of road between Åknes and Norddalen may be in a very poor condition, and it is not recommended to drive if you are afraid of damaging your car. It takes approximately half an hour to walk from the barrier in Åknes to Norddalen, where the route starts.

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