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Myrtinden is centrally located between the town «Myre» and the open ocean. And also because of its very striking appearance.

Begin the trip at the car park 400 m after you turn off towards Nyksund. Follow a well beaten trail leading west. After a short time you will meet the developed tourist trail which takes you to Bjørkeskogen – an outdoor recreation area with a natural playground, lean-to shelters, an open fire site and information boards describing plants, birds and animals. The area was developed by parents, pupils and staff members of Myre School and is frequently used by school pupils and kindergarteners in the area. Bjørkeskogen is partially adapted for wheelchair users. The way into the area is from the car park at the upper end of Svartbakken.
After passing through Bjørke-skogen, you will climb up the sledding hill. At the top of this hill, you can set your course for Kammen, the lower part of the ridge leading to the summit. From the lower part of the forested area, follow the distinct trail up to Kammen and continue north up the ridge to Myrtinden (350 mas).
The trail is good, but not marked.
Level of difficulty: easy.

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